What someone can expect working with me in Pilates:

Pilates is a full body exercise method that targets the core muscles and aims to improve postural alignment and flexibility. In addition to targeting the core, Pilates also works every muscle in the body, improving strength and endurance in the arms and legs, creating links between the core and what we do everyday with our arms and legs. With every exercise, breath is used to facilitate movement and also to oxygenate the blood, helping with increasing breath control. The strength and stability gained by consistently doing Pilates, will help you do everything better.

I have been teaching Pilates and fitness for over 30 years, and I am passionate about not only doing Pilates and many other fitness modalities myself, but also teaching Pilates and fitness to as many people as possible. My life’s work is to teach others how to move better in their body, from being able to climb stairs better, to athletic performance.

Benefits include:

  • Core Strength

  • Flexibility

  • Balance

  • Improved Posture

  • Improved Functional movement

  • Strengthening of arms and legs

  • Strengthening of feet and ankles

  • Injury prevention

  • Rotational Power conditioning

  • Injury rehabilitation

  • Improved body awareness

  • Athletic conditioning

  • Golf conditioning

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