Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Nutrition is the study of nutrients in food, how the body uses nutrients, and the relationship between diet, health and disease.

The human body is a large complex, sophisticated system composed of innumerable pathways that must interact in order for life to occur, and in order to live well. My objective is to educate on what type of nutrients and lifestyles factors produce optimal health and lifespan. There are numerous stimuli we are exposed to on a daily basis, and all of them send a signal to the body which triggers a chain reaction of events that determine how your metabolism, nervous system and mind respond.

It is my hope to educate what works for the human system to create vitality, happiness, longevity, ease of movement, and a pain-free life. This is not a remedy for all conditions or circumstances, rather, it is about understanding basic nutrients that the body needs for health, and what nutrients cause disease, and early death.

To be healthy, it is not just about the food on your plate; it’s about the water you drink, the air you breathe, the relationships in your life, the
amount you exercise, whether your career is fulfilling, your spiritual practice, and so on. Primary food (life style factors) and Secondary food (the food you eat) should be looked at together rather than separately. If one is out of balance, your life will be out of balance.

Nutrition information that most people obtain is often taken from the
media, newspapers, magazines, the Internet, or books, and when a specific diet doesn’t work for one person, it brings on a sense of failure, or that they must have done something wrong. There is no one right diet that works for everyone. I encourage clients to explore what works best for them and to trust their body. You can’t fail at a diet that makes you feel and look great.

We are a society who wants a pill for everything that seems to go wrong in our bodies. By slowing down and allowing yourself to listen to what you need, your body has the opportunity to heal on a deeper level. By adding healthier foods into your diet, you will gently crowd out the ones that no longer serve you. More fruits, vegetables, and water will naturally lead to less sugar, refined carbohydrates, bad oils and processed food.

The body can be thought of as a super computer, and it doesn’t make mistakes. In this sense, your body maintains a healthy temperature, your heart never misses a beat, and your lungs never forget to breathe. If you are craving something, listen to your body and find healthy ways to satisfy the craving.

To get started, the same basic diet and lifestyle recommendations will help anyone, no matter the issue:

• Less commercial meat, milk, sugar, and “chemicalized” artificial junk food
• Less alcohol
• More fruits, vegetables, and whole foods
• Appropriate protein (grass fed meats, or wild caught fish)
• Enough drinking water
• Adequate rest

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