Pilates Training

Why Do Pilates?

The benefits of Pilates are endless! It’s a truly great practice for both the mind and body,  helping you to look and feel amazing. Take a look at some of the key benefits below. 

Improve Your Posture

Improves alignment, core stability & body control to give long lasting relief from postural pains & strains.

Prevent Injuries

Enhances core postural muscles to improve support & decrease the spinal load, lowering the chance of injury.

Improve Mental Health

Pilates relieves stress, enhances mindfulness & may improve depression & anxiety for a happier mental state.

Increase Your Strength

Pilates works every muscle in the body, improving strength, endurance & tone without creating bulk.

Condition Your Body

Pilates conditions the deeper, supporting muscles to improve posture, balance & co-ordination.

Renew Your Energy

The focus on breathing & the deep mind-body connection of Pilates recharges depleting energy levels.

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How it works

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About Me

Hi, I’m Mary! I’ve been teaching Pilates for over 30 years now, although my training has been a lifelong journey. A few years ago, I was under performing in all aspects of my life – I was less productive, depressed and lacked motivation. Then I discovered the world of biohacking, which incorporates Pilates, and turned my life around! 

I became a Merrithew Lead Instructor Trainer for Pilates, and an integral member of the John Garey Fitness and Pilates Team. I now lead instructor training courses and workshops for the fitness industry and create  individual plans with clients online and in my private clinic too. 

My mission is to help people achieve optimal health, improved fitness and increased energy and build a life with more happiness and motivation. I want to inspire kindness, compassion and limitless human potential through my Pilates teaching. So join me for a session! I would love to help you.


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Private Session


Per Class (60 mins)

Try my 121 personal sessions and benefit from my undivided attention! It’s the most effective way to learn, perfect for addressing your individual needs and quicker progression. 

Group Mat Session


Per Class (60 mins)

Group sessions allow a small group to learn together. Simply requires your own mat and weights (optional). Some general fitness is required however these classes are available to everyone.

Gyrokinesis Session


Per Class (60 mins)

Why not try something new? Similar to Pilates, Gyrokinesis integrates the mind & body. The difference is in the exercises –  this practice flows through a series of circular movements.

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