Health & Wellness, by Mary Jo Ketterhagen.

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Health and Wellness

My passion for health and wellness has led me down many roads. Fifteen years ago, I faced the reality that I was under-performing in all aspects of my life. This path was leading me toward less productivity, depression, declining brain function and a lack of motivation. I wasn’t sure I could do anything about it, in fact I was told that this is what aging is all about and I needed to accept this as part of life. Somehow, instead of sitting back and waiting for life to float by, I listened to a tiny voice inside me and decided to create my own reality rather than this dismal idea about aging.

Once I decided to actively take charge, a whole world of biohacking (i.e. the practice of changing one’s chemistry and physiology through science and self-experimentation to energize and enhance the bodyopened up for me and I felt I found my purpose. I was determined to upgrade my biology and then help others to do the same. During this transition period, I took many trainings, read as much as I could and listened to many different podcasts, where I learned to eat good fats and less carbs, how to sleep better, meditate, take targeted supplements, and become a better listener. These improvements changed everything and I noticed an increase in alertness, motivation and energy, and I continue to improve to this day with a much better memory, and much stronger body.

This booklet covers the nutrition aspect of what I incorporated into my life. Although there is no one diet that is appropriate for everyone, my hope is that this information will be useful for you to pick and choose what works for you.

When you purchase this booklet, there is a free 21-day meal plan and recipes for you to enjoy!


Mary Jo